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Pinnacle Food Inc. is proud to work with our trusted distributors to bring our smart farming solutions to customers around the world. Our distributors are committed to providing exceptional service and support, offering our cutting-edge PFAI Model S and Model M products to customers and businesses in need of the latest technology solutions.

We're looking for motivated individuals to join us as distributors for our hydroponic growing machines across Canada. Our unique and innovative product line (small and medium farming systems) is revolutionizing the way Canadians grow their own food, and we need enthusiastic distributors to fullfill the need.


If you have a passion for sustainable agriculture and a knack for sales, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Apply today to become a part of the future of vertical farming

*Please note that Pinnacle Food Inc. does not sell or offer any products or services that related to cannabis or cannabis gorwing*

Distributors Wanted Across Canada

For PFAI Small Farming System and PF Medium Farming System

Become A Distributor

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