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Smart Farming Service Provider


Pinnacle Food Growing System Vegetable

Pinnacle Food, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a revolutionary company in the world of agriculture that is making vertical farming and hydroponics easy and accessible to everyone.


With an aim to provide the freshest and healthiest homegrown foods, Pinnacle Food offers easy-to-use home products that allow anyone to cultivate their produce right in their homes.


Beyond that, Pinnacle Food specializes in bespoke vertical farming and hydroponic projects, offering solutions to transform any space, like a home garage, into a highly efficient, smart growing system.


By incorporating the latest smart home technology into their hydroponic systems, Pinnacle Food makes home farming simpler and more efficient than ever before.


Join us in the green revolution. Home farming has never been easier!


*Please note that Pinnacle Food Inc. does not sell or offer any products or services that related to cannabis or cannabis growing*


2140-950 Seaborne Avenue Port Coquitlam BC

(778) 325-0478

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